What's the "fantastic" part of the dress?


no one may know that yet

well i think its fantastic anyway- the work that is going into it really is


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By far my favorite BRAVE trailer of all time. Even more so the last song.

It even showed a few seconds of the snow scene {in the art book they had planned this huge blizzard that would have looked amazing} that they animated but never made it into the film!


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default album art
Song: Talking about Berk
Artist: Modern Merida
Album: Hiccup and Merida chat a bit
Played: 1,177 times.

Hiccup and I talk about Berk quickly, or as the Scots call it, Heg

(Audio from HTTYD and The decoy bride as well as doctor who music)

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merida, your hair looks like cotton candy (its a compliment)


Sadly doesn’t taste like it…

thanks lad or lassie either way haha!


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Can we see any progress photos for your latest costume?


All i have is the pattern and the fabric as well as sending off some fabric for the “fantastic part” of the dress

so when there is progress i’ll show all of you! XD

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Kiss me Ketut


isn’t that the name of some troll with orange horns?


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Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.





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Sad [Starter Sentences]

"At least hug me before you go."
"Bye— have a nice life."
"God, I love you so much... there, I said it."
"I am so sorry."
"I can't do this anymore."
"I hate you so much."
"I hope you're happy."
"I guess this is goodbye."
"I give up— on you, on everything."
"I was so in love with you, but I couldn't find the way to say it!"
"I'm done with this."
"I've never seen you cry."
"Look, tears— is this what you wanted?"
"Maybe we should just forget about each other."
"Please do not cry."
"Please say something."
"That part wasn't an act!"
"They told me you were dead!"
"This is my goodbye."
"Why do we have to say goodbye?"
"You changed."
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Hiccup feels much more confident and safe knowing that Merida can no longer toss him like a caber

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Petition to make a disney movie with all the CGI princesses together! 

thedisneyseries:  Anna never was a graceful sleeper, but Rapunzel and Elsa will never get over this one! @ Cinderella Suite For fuckmecamzandlolo

It’s not just a guitar! It’s not just a frying pan! For anonymous

"Merida, calm down…" @ Disney Dream Suite for anonymous.

Playdate!!For anon.

Show-off… For kenz090!


In honor of Femslash February, here’s a depiction of Merida and Anna’s first encounter. Anna’s ditziness and Merida’s good humour is a good match no? For prxncessanna!


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Modern Merida
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I live with me family and my horse Angus in our kingdom, though life can get a little dull. its great to finally have freedom.
see ye around- Merida
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